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Clair Smyth by MidnightDrawing Clair Smyth by MidnightDrawing
Clair Smyth was an average girl.

She helped her mother in the flower shop, went to a normal high school, and even did boring normal chores. She hung out with her friends on the weekends, and even baby-sat her little brother when her parents went out. She was normal.

That is until Clair met Meyo.

Meyo, Clair’s present from her father, wasn’t just a normal cat everyone thought. Not only could she talk and float, she can give her supernatural powers to other people. Meyo is very clumsy and talkative, especially when it comes to her favorite food, fish.

While Meyo and Clair were walking through the streets, Clair spotted a robbery. Meyo, who “just wanted to help” transformed Clair into a cat like superhero to save the day.

After returning the stolen objects, Clair runs into a mysterious old man who gives her a helpful tool. The Wingball. It flies on its own, leading Clair and Meyo to dangerous situations that need their crime fighting skills. Meyo, who enjoys helping people, talks Clair into helping her succeed this goal.

Everything works out very well.

Until they figure out, Clair and Meyo aren’t alone. There are other supernatural creatures helping the bad guys.

There is a long journey ahead for this crime fighting pair.

Magical Girl:

This cunning magical girl has narrow red eyes. Her very long, straight, silky hair is the color of the midnight sky, and worn in an attractive style. She has a very feminine build. She has feline powers that come from a helpful supernatural creature. Her outfit is mostly red and is essentially a shameless pop singer’s skimpy outfit.




I wondered onto sight a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. It gives you good ideas for that writer’s/drawing/whatever block your having. They I found out they have a drawing contest and I freaked out.

I read the rules and I played with the generators to get this result. (shown above)

My mind went into overdrive and though of something like Britney Spears meets Shugo Chara meets Sailor Moon meets Harry Potter. And that was the result is. Very interesting, I know.

Enjoy :)
k24601 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
Even though the color of her (awesome!) outfit matches her eyes, I love that you made a catgirl whose hair/eyes doesn't match her ear and tail fur colors. I hate it when people do that!

And.... LOL about the whole "Birtney meets Shugo meets Sailor...." description.
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June 26, 2011
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